Buyers representation

A real estate buyer’s representative represents the buyer who is purchasing property in a real estate transaction.

Research by the National Association of REALTORS has shown that when a buyer’s representative is used, the prospective buyer found a home one week faster and examined three more properties than consumers who did not use a buyer’s representative. Read more…

Buying a Home the Pelletier Way

The first step to buying your next home is to sit down with one of our highly trained agents to discuss your needs. After learning more about what it is you are looking for, we will work with your lender or recommend one to you to being the pre-qualifying process and review your financing options.

Once you have been pre-qualified we will begin compiling a list of potential homes that will meet your needs and begin to arrange private showings on your behalf. When the time comes that we have identified a property that you would like to make an offer on we will begin the process of drafting an offer.

Once the Home is Under Contract

Once your offer has been approved and the property is under contract we will help to arrange the home inspection, help you to complete bank applications, coordinate an insurance binder and prepare the transfer of utilities. Finally we will help to arrange the closing with an attorney of your choice, the lenders choice or one that we recommend to officialy close on your new home.

Resources for Buyers

I had the pleasure of working with Pelletier Realty when we bought our home. They were extremely helpful thorughout the entire process. 

Jeff W. Fairhaven, MA




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