While a fresh coat of paint and the replacement of severely worn carpets will surely enhance the salability of your home, use caution when making the capital improvements. We would be happy to meet and advise you on these particular issues.








  1. Keep lawn cut and neatly edged
  2. Weed flower beds and trim shrubs
  3. Repair and/or paint fences
  4. Paint trim or exterior of house
  5. Check downspouts and gutters
  6. Replace cracked windows and torn screens
  7. Check exterior masonry (steps, etc.)


  1.  Reduce the clutter – keeps stairways clear and storage spaces neat
  2.  Clean walls and woodwork or repair wallpaper
  3.  Arrange furniture to make rooms appear most spacious
  4.  Shampoo rugs and waxed floors
  5.  Fix leaky plumbing
  6.  Re-grout and re-caulk where necessary
  7.  Replace defective light bulbs
  8.  Clean out closets
  9.  Keep bathrooms sparkling clean

The Showing

  1. Make sure televisions and radios are turned off
  2. Keep children and pets out if possible
  3. Open curtains and shades to optimize light
  4. Turn on lights in shadowy areas
  5. Make sure kitchens are free of dishes and rooms are neat
  6. Make sure beds are made
  7. Try to go for a walk or ride during showings if possible