If you are selling a home in Massachusetts, you may find that the market is slightly jaded than it was back in the ‘old days’. Selling your home even as early as 10 years ago was breeze and you would have experienced very little resistance from any mortgage lender. You had the ability to simply walk outside, place a sign in the front yard, list it within the MLS, and then field the phone calls from potential prospects that have an interest in your home. Trying that in today’s market is almost laughable.

The rules have changed and the game has changed. Your strategy has to change with the new evolvement of this new landscape. The understanding of laws, attitudes, regulations, strategic techniques are not something that is easily understood by an average Massachusetts homeowner. When selecting an agent from Pelletier Realty, you can be assured that you will be represented with your best interests in the sale.

Priority number one will be to make a selection that is a perfect fit for your situation and strategy to either purchase or sell your home.

Pelletier Realty takes an approach that is a little different than other real estate companies. We pre-screen every agent to ensure they are fully comprehending the Massachusetts area, made aware of the opportunities, know the right decisions to make with your best interest, and be understanding of any situation.

We encourage our potential clients to really understand the selection process they are embarking on and understand the importance of making the right agent selection from the Pelletier Realty agent list. Consumers spend considerable amount of time researching mechanics and asking about experience and certifications, etc. Pelletier Realty encourages the same technique with critiquing our agents.

Three distinct traits to consider when selecting a Pelletier Realty agent for selling or buying your next home that have shown success and agents have mastered.

These traits are the ability to price a home properly, a well designed marketing plan, and someone with effective communication skills.

When selling your home, your first instinct is to sell it for the highest price. This emotion is a given within every person trying to sell a home, especially in this market. The mistake that we want you to avoid is selecting an agent simply because he/she has indicated a selling point that is the highest.

Be careful. There are unprofessional agents that know people will make decisions based on emotion and not logic. Agents will communicate with you simply to ensure you hear what you expect to gain your business. Pelletier Realty prides itself with delivering very specific information that will impact your next decision in a positive manner.

So how do you avoid making a weak decision picking a Pelletier Realty Agent? Here are a few tips:

Be sure to ask very specific realtor questions. A proven track record in a buyer or seller market is a good indication that you’re making a good decision.

Every Pelletier Realty agent will deliver a home evaluation report and take the time to review this document closely. Remember that seeing a home around the corner selling for a higher price due to a brand new kitchen upgrade, probably is correct if you haven’t done the same integration. Look at it through the buyer’s eye.

If you are considering other agents, please don’t pick the agent simply based on the price. You will find yourself in a peculiar situation where you have an over-priced home and an ineffective agent to help you. As you see most home expire from listings each week, you will notice a common theme, they are overpriced.

Let’s start to talk about the ability to deliver on marketing your home for sale. What this really means is the ability to market online. The days of people finding homes by looking in the classifieds and magazines are over! Almost 90% of all buyers find their homes by doing some kind of online search.

As a home seller you should be looking for an agent that has a very strong web presence. Not by simply listing your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and Realtor.com. These channels have been proven to be an important task, remember it is what every agent does for every customer.

The agent should have their own website and it should be found through simple local search techniques. Having a good looking website is not the decision for considering the agent, it is the impact that website has to a prospective buyer. If you can find them, then you can be assured that they know how to have people find you.

When a Realtor can get their website rank well in Google guess what happens?

Lots of traffic and many more eyes viewing the homes they have listed for sale!

Let me say with great emphasis that there is a big difference between just being in these sites and doing a great job making your home stand out from the competition! What you want to see for your home is multiple photos taken with a high-end camera, well thought out descriptions highlighting the best features, and video tour that takes a buyer through the home.

A final tip for your decision is to have the agent who communicates with you on a consistent basis. Most sellers want to know what is going on with the process of selling their home. Make sure the agent has a plan to keep you informed. Does your agent call every agent after the home is shown to see what are the agents/buyers thoughts?

You will find that a Pelletier Realty agent does these things and you do your part keeping the home clean and making it easy to show, you will have a blueprint for a successful Massachusetts home sale!

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