Sellers, pay attention to details. Small touches go a long way in your home. Buyers will be taking note of everything. Make sure your home is clean!

Switch out old doormats to new ones and put a wreath or door décor up. They are inexpensive and it’s the first thing buyers will see prior to stepping into your home.

Look at the front of your home. Is there anything that needs to be done? If you have overgrown bushes, clutter, or your shutters need another coat of paint, take care of it! Once your home is on the market, buyers will do a “drive-by.” They are going to want to see what the home looks like prior to stepping inside. Make sure the front of your home is show ready.

Make sure the bathroom is clean! Scrub the toilet and tub and put medications in a safe spot that are in your cabinets. Buyers will be looking at the cabinets, inside of closets, and bathroom utilities, so make sure they are tidy. If there is anything personal or private you don’t want people to see, make sure it’s put away safe.

Washing windows, molding, fixtures, and walls will brighten up your space, and make it smell fresh and clean. Buy a few decorative candles to have out, or room sprays that make the space warm and welcoming. You don’t want to mask odors in your home, but scent your home to feel welcoming and inviting. You want to make buyers want to stay.

Vacuum and dust! It’s that easy. Make sure all rugs are vacuumed and cleaned, and dust any shelves or light fixtures. Take extra time in those well lit spaces, you can always see the smallest amount of dust.

If you have children and there are a lot of toys throughout the house, store them nicely away! Stores like Wal-Mart and Target have great toy storage containers that fit in even the smallest of spaces. So instead of shoving your children’s toys into an empty hallway closet, store them so potential buyers can see the closet space.

Take note of any family portraits, or personal mementos hanging throughout your home. Although they are near and dear to you, potential buyers may have a hard time seeing past them. Limit your family photos and choose decorative pieces instead.

Selling in different seasons. Whenever month you begin to sell, make sure your home is decorated for that season. In the winter, focus on a fireplace if you have one. Adorn the mantle with warm and inviting pieces. Or during the holidays, add some pinecones,  or berries to a center piece. In the spring, add some color with fresh flowers, a few new throw pillows to brighten up your space and switch darker hand towels with lighter ones to open the space up. In the summer, key in on your outdoor space. Add a small patio set, a few potted plants, or even a small fire pit. Potential buyers will love to see a space they can relax in outdoors. If you are working with a small area and don’t have much space, focus on the space you do have. If you have a small patio, hang a wind chime, a small potted plant, and maybe one or two chairs. A little will go a long way. In the fall, break out the pumpkins! Place a few pumpkins and fall colored plants in the front of your home. Place a few apple or pumpkin candles around the house, and fill your fruit basket with apples. Visually, buyers will like the seasonal décor, and nothing smells better than a “fresh baked pie” smell throughout the house.

Sellers, if you know it’s broken, or in need of service, disclose it, and adjust price accordingly. (And keep the service receipts) Once your home goes under agreement by a buyer, they will often conduct a home inspection. Plumbing, electrical, foundation and roof issues to name a few may arise. If you have had anything repaired or serviced, hang onto the service receipt from the company who did the repair or servicing. If you know that you have a leaking roof- disclose it, and adjust the price of the home accordingly.