If you are looking to elevate your front door, this post is for you! So often we gravitate towards a “safe” color. A neutral color that will fit in. But if you are selling your home, or just moved in to a new home, you may want a color that will stand out. I personally, took the plunge a few years ago and painted my door a seaside teal. Our door was previously white and it had no personality. After painting it teal, it made the entire front of our home pop. Even during the holidays, i’ve managed to incorporate the teal color into my festive decor. This post below from HGTV.com gave me inspiration and made me want to change up our door color yet again! No matter what color you prefer, it has perfect examples on how to spruce up your doorway. This if the perfect first impression when selling your home. And if you’ve just bought a new home and are looking for ways to make it yours, there is no better place to start than with the front entry!