Fall Appeal 

While it’s true that most homes tend to sell in spring or summer, this shouldn’t discourage potential sellers from listing a home in the fall. Think about these tips & tricks to make your home more appealing to buyers as the leaves start to turn.

Show off the home’s potential.

Give buyers an idea of how the home would look during warmer months. If you’re planning on selling later in the calendar year, consider taking photos of your home in the spring or summer and have them on display during open houses or showing. Giving potential buyers a glimpse into the future may get them to sign on the dotted line……

Take care of exterior aesthetics.

Piles of leaves or mounds of snow can make the exterior of your property look messy. Colder months tend to make most outdoor areas look dull or dreary, but remember to keep things clean for any photos taken of your home or for any viewings. Consider using markers to clearly define the edges of your property, as weather elements may make things fuzzy to buyers.

Brighten up the place.

Colder months can feel dreary. To take advantage of available natural light, keep you blinds and curtains wide open for showings. The more natural light shining into your home, the more attractive it will look. Also, think about using different types of bulbs to add extra brightness to your living spaces. And don’t forget about outdoor lighting! With the sun setting earlier a well-lit exterior is a must for viewing your home in the afternoon or evening.