When many people think of house hunting, they think of manicured lawns, sunshine, and great curb appeal. That vision equals to many people buying and selling in the spring and summer. Lets face it, spring and summer is great weather. After a long winter, people want to be outside. This is great for the real estate market.

People are less likely to think about real estate in the winter. With the busy holiday season and cold winter weather, many people don’t have house hunting on their minds. But qualified, serious buyers still remain shopping. Circumstances arise all the time which makes people buy and sell, and the winter time is no exception. Whether it’s a job change, relocation, your leased apartment is up, people are always moving; and always searching for their new home. There are a few advantages to searching for a home in the winter time.

  • In the winter time, when you have fewer buyers, supply is greater than the demand.  You have more to choose from.
  • Less buyers to compete with also means less chances of a bidding war and the price being driven above asking.
  • Not many people want to search for a home or conduct inspection in snow boots around the potential property. Grab your boots!
  • Sellers are motivated to get their home sold. Sellers know that the winter months do bring a slower market, so when an offer is presented they are more likely to look at it with an open mind.