Nothing will kill curb appeal more than a harsh snowy winter. Living in New England and experiencing the snowy winter we had last year, we all know what a mess ice and snow can be. When selling your home in the winter months it is very important to keep the curb appeal alive and your home and yard looking the best it can with the added snow. Here are some tips to keep your homes curb appeal shining in the dark, snowy, winter months.
Keep drive way and walk ways clear – For safety reasons, as well as aesthetically, it is important to keep the walk and drive area clear and neatly shoveled. Put down ice melt as well to keep the walkways from getting dangerously slippery. It also shows potential buyers that you care for your home.
Keep your front door colorful – when everything is snowy and white around you, you want the front door to pop. Add a beautiful holiday wreath, or paint the door a statement color that will grab buyers attention. By adding a spot light to your yard, reflecting on your front door is also a great idea. It bring attention to your home, and is very warm and inviting.
If you are selling in December, holiday lights and wreaths are a great way to draw attention to your home. But don’t over do it – Pick pieces that will complement your home and yard. By adding simple white lights on a mailbox, or to the entry way of  your home, will be sure to grab attention. If you do have your home decorated for Christmas, make sure to take down the decorations at an appropriate time as well. Having holiday décor still hanging up in February, may not work in your favor.
With deep snow, try to keep any utilities outside, free from snow. When potentials buyers view a home in the winter months, they are going to want to see as much as possible. The snow can often make things very tough to get to outdoor utilities and to see everything. Try to shovel walk ways around the exterior of your home so buyers are able to walk the perimeter of your home, without having to wear snow boots.
A small dusting of snow and beautiful holiday décor may actually help your winter sale. When a buyer sees a home with a wintry dusting of snow, well decorated with great curb appeal, they immediately begin to imagine themselves in your home for future holidays to come. Make your home welcoming, and warm.
Keep things well lit – Winter months can most definitely be dark and dreary. Make sure the exterior as well as the interior are well lit. Spot lights are wonderful to capture the warmth of your front door, while having small lights or faux candles in each window is a great addition for holiday décor but also keeps things bright.