With the fall among us most people aren’t thinking of preparing for the winter months. Fall is a time to enjoy the cool weather, local apple and pumpkin picking, and football! But one thing that should be on your list is winterizing your home and preparing for winter. After the record breaking snow fall last winter, it’s smart to plan ahead and get supplies now that are in high demand over the snowy months of winter. Snow blowers, roof rakes, and snow melt are already in stores and as much as you don’t want to buy winter items in September or October, while they are available, it’s a good time to buy! Below is a list of suggestions to winterize your home.

Clean your gutters – by removing leaves and debris now will prevent ice and water dams from forming later.

Change your filters – change out your filters in your central air and heating system, it can improve functionality and efficiency.

Buy draft guards- Reduce your heat bill by using draft guards. You can roll up a towel, use bean-bag draft guards, or buy premade guards at your local hardware store.

Weather strip tape – Seal in any drafts or air leaks

Energy efficient curtains – You can find many different styles and color options for energy efficient curtains. Keep the heat in and the cold air out.

Reverse the directions of your ceiling fans, this will push the warm air down and help it move throughout your home.

Purchase any rock salt, snow blowers, generators, and/or roof rakes early in the season so there is availability of the items. If you have any existing repairs that need to be made on your generator or snow blower, make sure it is repaired and working properly prior to the winter time.